How To Remove Online Mugshots In 2020

If you have a mugshot on your local county, city, or government website, there will be little you can do to get them to remove it from their website! You CAN make it to where no one see it (easily) by launching a mugshot displacement/removal campaign which focuses on how people find it and not where it is hosted. You can bury a mugshot image and link about your name on Google and other search engines with’s mugshot removal service can help you.

If your mugshot is on websites like the ones mentioned below we can help you remove them.

Mugshots being published online and in print is nothing new, sheriff offices in counties in every state all over the country have been publishing mugshots for several years. The almost decade old mugshot publishing industry is a money making scheme for websites that simply take your mug shot image, name, charge, and then publish it on their “official looking” search engine friendly supercharged site. These websites usually rank very well on Google, so when an internet user searches your name they will find this secondary website and your mugshot right on the top of the list. These websites then hope you will rush to pay them to have it removed from their site. Warning: Never pay them! They will just put the mugshot back online on other sites to get you to pay them over and over again.

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