Remove ComplaintsBoard

Remove Your Business From or Hide Complaints About Your Business On Google / ComplaintsBoard has been online since 2004 and as grown in to a website with very high Domain Authority and will rank high on Google when someone searches for your name or business name. We can help you remove complaintsboard links and complaints permanently.

Trying to sue will not work even if the complaint is libel or contains defamation. Here is why: “In case if a court defines that a consumer complaint constitutes libel or defamation, the mentioned consumer would be held legally responsible for damages to the reputation of the business, mentioned in complaint. Under federal law (the Communications Decency Act) is not legally responsible for the complaints that are posted, even if those complaints contain remarks that are defamatory. However, the mentioned law does not protect the person who posted the complaints from the responsibility for the posted complaints.”

The best option for dealing with the removal of a complaint on sites like this is to hire a professional hard working reputation management team located in the USA. Reputation Management can help you.

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