How To Remove Ripoff Report In 2021

With the new year comes new business and a fresh start, it is time to finally remove rip off report from your list of worries. FiveYellow is an online Reputation Management and Social Media Reputation service that helps people and businesses remove unwanted mentions, complaints, and reviews about them from the internet. From removing images, online defamation, baad reviews, negative ebay feedback, complaints, and more, FiveYellow can help you with all of your negative link removal needs.

The largest complaint site that was built just for complaints is Rip Off Report ( There is nothing worse for your online reputation and your businesses reputation than getting a rip off report complaint. These complaint pages hosted on rip off report are very visible on Google when someone searches for your name or business name.

Contacting rip off report in 2021 to ask them to remove your rip off report will only get the virtual door slammed in your face! That is unless you are ready to spend thousands of dollars per month to join there “program” which still does not remove the problem links and complaint. The website never removes complaints from their website (so they say) even if the original author requests it be removed. The website is protected by the CDA Section 230 so you cant win a lawsuit against them. The CDA Communications act section 230 – provides immunity to online platforms like Rip Off Report from civil liability based on third-party content and for the removal of user generated content. This means Rip Off Report is not legally responsible for anything a user posts on their website and are under no legal obligation to remove it and there is nothing you or a lawyer or court can do to make them delete your business or name of the website.

Q&A  About Rip Off Report

Should I post a rebuttal on Ripoff Report?

I would usually jump to the answer and say NO, however there are times when posting a rebuttal is your only option. However be warned that a rebuttal just like the report is never removed and is a permanent addition to the page. When to post a rebuttal on your ripoff report page Posting a […]

Does Ripoff Report have a Facebook Page?

Yes they do have one and you can message them on FB and Facebook reports they are very responsive to messages send VIA facebook! They currently have over 22,000 likes on their facebook page.

How many complaints are on Ripoff Report?

In 2016 Ripoff Report reached a massive number of over 2,000,000 (That is TWO MILLION) complaints filed. A google search shows that they have about 1 Million pages indexed on Google. This is a huge website!

Who hosts

Name Server: ADEL.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM Name Server: AJAY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM CLOUDFLARE.COM Is The Host Of The Ripoff Report website and domain name Contact CloudFlare: US: 1 (888) 99 FLARE UK: +44 (0)20 3514 6970 Singapore: +65 3158 3954 Int’l: +1 (650) 319 8930


Can I file a ripoff report against anyone?

Yes – Almost all RipOff Reports are approved, they do have some recent guidelines that they use to moderate complaints. Making outrageous criminal claims against a person can sometimes be rejected but it is as easy as typing to file your own ripoff report against a business or person.


What does the owner of Ripoff Report Look Like?

Search Google for “Ed Magedson” there are a lot of pictures of him posted online from news interviews.

Is Ripoff Report the Same As

They are similar site as in people can post online complaints but they are not affiliated as far as we can tell.

How popular is

As of 2016 The site is ranked in the top 3500 website in the USA per Alexa and is in the top 13400 websites in the world and UNIVERSE!

How does Ripoff Report make money?

Simple – Advertising Revenue – PPC Ads – And their “verified safe” program where you can pay them to make you look better on their website. You CAN NOT pay them to remove a complaint about you. Not worth trying and maybe not worth dealing with them at all.

Is for sale?

I have heard of people offering 7 figures for the domain name and being turned down. This is gossip and unverified however I am sure the owner Ed Magedson would sell the domain name and website for the right price but this is is Baby and he would most likely sell with a contract that […]




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