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Ebay Negative Feedback Removal Service

Resellers and ebayers all have one shared fear, and that is getting an unwarranted or unfair feedback from a customer or buyer on ebay. Negative feedback removal can be a very difficult and nearly impossible task in some cases. There are tricks to the trade on how to remove negative feedback from ebay that are not known to most ebay sellers. FiveYellow provides guaranteed negative feedback removal to sellers located in the USA.

Facts about ebay feedback removal

Once a buyer has left feedback, they won’t be able to edit or delete it. If a buyer would like to add extra information to the original feedback, they can leave a follow-up comment. If the buyer would like to change the negative or neutral feedback they left, you can ask the YOU seller for a feedback revision. Note: Once a buyer leaves positive feedback for a seller, they can not change it to a negative or neutral feedback. Once a positive feedback is permanent, but a negative or neutral feedback may be changed in some cases.

There are limited methods to removing negative ebay feedback (as a seller) on your own. The main method used to have bad feedback on ebay removed is a feedback revision request. You’re allowed to submit five feedback revision requests for every 1,000 reviews you get during a 12-month period. A revision request does not force the buyer to change the feedback or guarantee your negative feedback will be changed. In fact it is best not to create a feedback revision request unless you are pretty certain that a buyer will change it for you. The reason is, a feedback revision request that is declined might get in the way of other remedies a feedback removal service uses to remove negative feedback for you. You as a seller only have 1 shot at getting a feedback revision per transaction (Ebay States: You can request only one Feedback revision per transaction.), so it is imperative that if you do request a revision that you use the correct method and reasons when you file.

There is an art to removing negative feedback on ebay and we have perfected a method that works for 90% of our clients. The other 10% that we can not help usually fall under the category of habitual offenders that get negative feedbacks frequently and have a pattern of getting negative feedback for reasons that are obviously deserved or avoidable.

We can help you as a seller remove negative feedback from ebay and if you plan on seeking professional assistance from a service like ours, it is important that you not contact ebay or the buyer about the negative feedback on your own numerous times as you may unknowingly exhaust a removal option by incorrectly approaching the situation. Also beware! Never contact a buyer outside of ebay on Facebook, by phone, in person, or any way other that messaging on ebay. If you contact a buyer directly you may lose your selling privileges. Using ebay is a privilege and they can suspend your account without cause.




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