Can You Remove A Rip off Report Complaint?

Removing A Rip Off Report In 2020 is Possible and we provide this service every week for our clients.

The most notorious and strongest complaint site on the internet and in the world is – Rip Off Report is Owned and operated by Ed Magedson and Xcentric Ventures LLC – has close to 2.5 Million Complaints filed and this number grows thousands every week.

Options For Removing Rip Off Reports:

1.) Do nothing and the complaint may attract other complaints and comments , which WILL make the complaint links show up higher on google . The website complaints are cloned by many other similar sites that will publish the complaint about you more and more (Goes Viral). You will lose business and it is embarrassing to have your company or name labeled as a rip off.

2.) Reply To The Complaint (Rebuttal) – NO! DO NOT! This will add more content to the complaint and is like adding fuel to the fire! Google looks at  your comment as an update on content and it shows Google that the complaint page is relevant to your company name thus making it rank higher and stronger.

3.) Sue Rip Off Report or the owner Ed Magedson. You can’t and won’t win. The site is protected under the DMCA (User Generated Content). You can not sue the website. Many with deep pockets have tried and failed.

4.) Bury the links on Google  so no one finds the rip off report about your business or name. Yes, this is possible by using aggressive Online Reputation Management and Reputation Repair techniques. (We) can help you bury the bad links about your name or business.

5.) Use a court order to deindex the links and remove the links from Google and the internet completely (Just not off the website itself) – There is a way to do this and we can help you get it done. The costs are a lot greater to remove the links as in delete them permanently, than it is to bury them. We are talking $8000.00 on average. We can consult with you on how this works. We can also help you bury the links (Hide Them) for a lot less.

Rip off report has been covered in the media and  on all sorts of blogs, news stations, newspapers, and websites because of the controversy that surrounds the website and its owner Ed Magedson. The website even has an entire industry that partially revolves around it called “Online Reputation Management”. Many companies offer to “remove rip off reports” although the website claims to never remove rip off reports even if the original author requests it. Removing a rip off report typically refers to removing the rip off report links from the top of search results by gaming the search engines in your favor, and not actually from the internet completely (Until Recently)…. In recent months formulated a way to have Rip Off Report links deleted permanently (This method is very resources heavy and requires a larger financial commitment than our regular removal process).

We realize that in some cases our clients only have the option of burying the negative links about them on Google and search results so they can not be found when “Googling Their Name”. We can put pressure on negative links and have them pushed back further within search results. The process involved is time consuming and requires a lot of new content be created and promoted about your name or business name. Suppression campaigns are an ongoing effort and there is no quick fix when trying to bury links properly. We pride ourselves in doing things right the first time and making long lasting positive changes for our clients and their online search results. Contact us today about launching an online reputation management campaign to bury negative links, complaints, bad news, and more.

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